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Think about how we learned to parent … for the most part, we follow or do the opposite of what our own parents did. Throw in advice from "experts," messages from the media, and subtle or obvious pressure from people around us, and we see why parents can feel confused, overwhelmed and frustrated.

How do we learn to parent in a way that feels good to us and children really respond to?
How can we give them what they really need to live a successful life?
How do we develop skills and find tools to help us meet the everyday challenges we face as a parent?

Parent Empowerment coaching can give you the knowledge, tools and skills you require to
parent with connection, confidence and compassion.

• Learn skills that provide security and structure for your child.
• Find balance between meeting your own needs and the needs of your child.
• Learn how to respond instead of react when stressed and triggered.
• Know how to understand your child's language.
• Find opportunities to promote intrinsic discipline and motivation.
• Recognize win-win outcomes.
• Learn how to use the WAVE™ process in any situation.


Research shows that when you have someone to talk with about your challenges, it reduces stress and puts you in touch with your own creative problem-solving capabilities. Working with a coach also empowers you with skills, tools and resources that are especially helpful in whatever your circumstances may be.

Through our coaching partnership you will learn the WAVE™, a powerful foundational tool that helps you make clear decisions, communicate effectively, build fulfilling relationships and increase the quality of your life.
My wellness approach to parenting focuses on the whole person, taking in the many areas of your life …your strengths, values, priorities, obstacles and goals…and how they work together, allowing you to define and envision the kind of parent you really want to be.


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