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Group Tele-Class:

6-Week Parent Empowerment Coaching Series

Join me on my next group tele-class and learn the foundation of my 4-step system of reducing parenting stress and finding solutions that create more ease and joy with your child.

In this tele-class, you will learn important skills that will help you move with confidence through any crisis, no matter how big or small. Each week, I will take you through the steps and show you exactly how to use them in your own parenting experience.

Learn this life-changing system with other parents who are ready to get support and upgrade their parenting skills, while creating greater connection with their children.


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WAVE™ Goodbye to Chaos & Conflict:
The Biggest Secret to Calmer and Happier Kids

Join Parent Empowerment Coach KIM GRIFFITH in this exclusive opportunity to learn about the WAVE™ formula and how it can help you be the parent you really want to be.


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