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Are You Tired of Chaos and Conflict;
Ready to Have More Peace and Calm in Your Home?
Do You Want to Feel Really
Confident in Your Parenting?

As a Parent Empowerment coach, I get to help with all sorts of challenging situations between parents and kids. Here are a few of the most common issues my clients bring to me - you might have similar thoughts about your own parenting experience!

"I really wish my child would listen to me."
"I want my kids to stop fighting with each other!"
"How can I get my child to go to sleep?"
"Why is my child not motivated?"
"I want to set limits that my child listens to."
"My child is getting in trouble at school -- what can I do?"
"I want to enjoy my child more."

I've had the same thoughts, questions and desires, and I truly understand how frustrating (and at the same time, awesome) being a parent can be. We are usually not given the tools or modeling necessary to solve these parenting challenges in a way we feel good about. It's confusing and overwhelming when we get advice from our family and friends, or try to follow what the "experts" are telling us to do. There are certainly many amazing parenting books filled with great ideas, but after reading them I couldn't understand why it was so hard to implement in my own family! Now I know why, and I want to share this information with you.

Through my own parenting struggles, as well as years of extensive research, training and coaching, I came to a deep understanding about the dynamics between parents and children and what it takes to be able to be the kind of parent we really want to be. I have found tools and skills, based on brain research, Positive Psychology, and wellness principles that can help you in your parenting turn conflict into ease, confusion into clarity, fear into confidence, and control into win-win.

In order to do that, there are a few KEY steps that you can take to help transition your thinking, habits, some of your actions, and even the way you communicate. It's not always an easy thing to do on your own, and having support is essential.

I took all of my research, training and experience and turned it into a 4-step system that can move you through any parenting challenge, big or small, while helping you be the parent and person you really want to be. I call this process the WAVE™. It's especially powerful to use when you are faced with a challenge that causes stress and tension, and it can help you find a win-win solution that is empowering for both you and your child.

Now I am passionate about working with parents like you who face the same types of challenges that came up for me (and still do at times). I've realized there is no perfect way to parent, but there are tools and skills you can learn to become a confident, connected and compassionate parent. As a result, your child is naturally happier, calmer, respectful, and self-motivated!

Here's What You'll Learn:

• A life-changing process you can count on to get you what you really want without using force and control.

• The biggest secret that kids (and really all of us) need to be calmer and happier - not just a band-aid, but the REAL DEAL.

• How to reboot and stay energized, even when your plate is full.

• 3 things you can say and do to instantly stop power struggles and find a win-win solution.

• How you can transform your parenting experience into one of harmony, confidence, and ease by setting limits you feel good about and your child responds positively to.

You will be a more empowered parent! When you communicate as an empowered parent … with confidence, clarity, and love … you will receive a higher level of respect from your child. When you are empowered, your child becomes empowered. You discover how to parent in a way that works for you and your family.

This is what you can do when you practice my system. As a parent reading this, you might wonder how this fits for you personally. So, what I've done is give you a few different ways to get started today.

#1 SIGN UP in the box over in the right side; enter your name and email and I will send you my free ebook, WAVE™ Goodbye to Chaos & Conflict - The Secret to Calmer and Happier Kids. In this ebook, I introduce my 4-step formula, and dive into one important step that can help your family and kids (and even yourself!) from feeling overwhelmed and at odds with each other. There's no obligation, so go get it! You will also receive my free newsletter, and when you're ready we can talk.

#2 If you want to find out what coaching could do for you or how I could personally help you, I invite you to participate in a complimentary Parenting Strategy Session with me right now. I would love to talk with you about where you are with your challenges and how we can move you into a happier, calmer, more fun life with you and your child. So, CLICK HERE and fill out the questionnaire. It's free, and again there is no obligation.

#3 Join me on my next group tele-class to learn the foundation of my 4-step system of reducing parenting stress and finding more joy in your experience with your child. In this tele-class, you will learn the skills you need to move through any crisis or challenge with your child, no matter how big. I will personally take you through each step and show you exactly how to use it in your own parenting life. CLICK HERE for details of this life-changing system.

To your parenting confidence and success,


Kim Griffith, MA, BCC
Parent Empowerment Coach

"After just a few sessions working with Kim, I have enjoyed a new level of confidence and comfort with my parenting style. Using the WAVE technique, Kim has helped me move through some of my emotional triggers, and I have seen remarkable results in my increased connection with my family, and also in other aspects of my life, such as in my career as a performer." -- AC, Forney, TX

p.s. It's clear to me that we are not meant to parent alone! Support is just a phone call away -- let's talk about how we can transform your parenting challenges. CLICK HERE for your free Parenting Strategy Session.

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