Are you researching your options to find out how to get help with your kids so you can feel less CONFLICT and greater BALANCE in your parenting?

Then you are in the right place.

On this page are a bunch of resources for you to get started reading, listening, learning, and talking about the challenges that you are experiencing.

It's important as a parent to have someone to go to about this stuff; we all do so much better with support and an understanding ear. And it's vital to have strategies that you can implement to help your family go from simply surviving to THRIVING.

So I am giving you some direct links to information you can use right now. I hope you take advantage of this information! Please let me know how it helps you.

Parent Empowerment Bookstore - Here are a few helpful books that I highly recommend on parenting, brain research and personal growth.

iBme ENTERPRISES - I give 1% of my coaching income to IBME Enterprises, a non-profit organization that is creating a profound wave of change in how we educate and empower our children. This cause is very dear to my heart, and I hope you will find out more at

Beyond "Because I Said So" by Rebecca Thompson, M.S. - Founder of The Consciously Parenting Project

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